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Hi, Caitlyn Jenner

Hello Caitlyn Jenner. Live your life happily.


Miss Representation

The representation in society stems more from entertainment. The visual that you get of us as women in the industry is that we are sex and sex sells. I write about the documentary MISS REPRESENTATION. Everyone should watch it.

House of Cards, My Netflix Love

House of Cards season 3…no spoilers. I just paid attention to Claire on this one.

Aaliyah, Baby Girl, Our Angel

Aaliyah, there will never be another. She will forever be Our Princess of R&B.

Lifetime Wrong or Nah

This Saturday Lifetime premiered their new film Aaliyah: Princess of R&B.  Now, I will say that this post is not about bashing anyone in the movie.  But I will say this, things would’ve probably went a lot smoother if Lifetime got the approval from Aaliyah’s family. As a fan of Aaliyah, there is a reason that […]