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Their Pain Is Not Our Pain

Don’t compare your parent, respect the pain.


That Shot of Lemonade

When you are already hot you don’t want any tea to go with your thoughts. You want something cool and refreshing to cool your heels so you can think clearly. That’s what Lemonade is for. I think you should try some of Beyonce’s.

America the Beautifully Ugly

The place of dreams. The place that most go to to start a new life – is becoming a place full of distress, full of anger, hate and the possibility of history remaking 15 times over. #VOTE.

Beyonce “Slay” Slack

BeyoncĂ©’s Formation has caused a stir for many reasons. Is it personal dislike, the comprehension of the meaning or just because it is easier to speak negatively.

Feature Friday…Lifetime’s Escaping Polygamy

Lifetime Movie Network has a new docu series “Escaping Polygamy”.