Hey you guys.  How are you?  It has honestly been months since I have posted anything through here.  Surprising – well not really.  One of my last post on here was that I was taking my writing somewhere else but I would always run DeMé Mama.

This was home for two long great years and there will never be anything like it and I miss you guys dearly.  As I promised I told you all that when I was finally back up and running I would tell you.  Because I still want you to be in my family.  We have a love that cannot be broken — a love and all things written.  Well it is up.  DeMé Mama is live and has been the last two weeks.

As you know, I try my hardest to be positive on my blog in a time of harshness.  This is the time more than ever for that.  As you all know, there is a new elected official who resides here in NY and has been causing a bit of a commotion.  Everyday I try to find the peace in what is going on around me.  Right now, it is me.  I have to be the peace that I need to get through the rough days.

I have found that by putting my time into the things that matter to me and will effect my future at my hand only.  Plus, you never know where I will end up next so I want no regrets.

So, I say all of that to say that my baby is live and I want to share and celebrate it with you my first true supporters, so stop on by.  Don’t be shy and sign up so you’ll know every time I post. I promise there are no annoying email spams.


A preview of the site with this past Friday’s #FeatureFriday.