Why Does It Hurt?

As you grow in life, you will lose out — on people, on opportunities and more.  You will get through it all but it doesn’t make the feeling any better.  Each time, the pain will sting.  As much as you may want to avoid it, you cannot.  I know, it sucks.

There are lessons that I have gotten from each time that it hurts.  I would tell myself that I need to acknowledge the pain.  I had to let the pain happen.  But then I had to look at the different side to it.  For the longest time, people would say you have to see the whole picture and the impact.  I have seen that there is a bigger picture when things have changed and someone or something has now come to leave your life.  Whether it is leaving or being released from a job, a friend, a family member or a relationship.

Now why does it hurt so?  It is not the action of what has gone.  It is dealing with the connection that you had.  The love, commitment and desire to hold on to it.  It is the heartache of relinquishing the rights of it all.  It is no longer yours.  That is the pain.  You are saying goodbye to a loved one.  You are saying goodbye to a friend.  You are letting go of something that you have held dear for a long period of time.

Right now, I am in the middle of deciding to let things go.  I am thinking about how there can be so much good to letting things go, letting things change.  These last weeks have proven that.  There was pain, but there is a sense of release as well.  I now have the space to be open to new people, new opportunities, take on experiences that I have always wanted to try.  I can also re-establish myself…my core.

The pain is the pain of removing the old and preparing for the new.  It will not be easy in the slightest as I am sure, it will just have to be something that I stand strong towards.

So, don’t ask why it hurts.  Ask, what’s next.


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