Oh September

It is September 1st you guys.  Can you believe that?

We are now 9 months into a year that seems to just have passed with a blink of an eye.  I feel as though I was just talking about my 2016 goals (Goals period to be honest).  Many of the things that I have wanted I have been working on.  Nothing I chose was a get quick process choice.  It was about getting me to truly start on accomplishing those things — the things that I wanted but was telling myself that I wouldn’t be able to do.

That determination and drive has been steady this year, even with the many heartbreaks, disappointments and slammed doors.  I am still going to continue on my path because I am meant for greatness (Aren’t we all).

September is a quick reminder that it is time for a new season, a new chance and that this year is almost done.  One last summer holiday.  One last time to really travel before you are stuck in school work, prepping for the winter holidays and stuck at work without the summer hours.  That seems to be all sad right.

That rightfully depends on what you have or are doing.  Are you happy with what you are doing daily?  If not, that is something that you should work on changing.  Is your environment one suiting to you?  Or is it doing more damage than good?  Then, why is it still your environment?  Your relationships, are they bogus?  There is no reason to hold on to people and things that are not along the ride of your joy, happiness and feeling of true love and appreciation.  Nothing is perfect, but that does not mean that you should stay where you are constantly being hurt because you don’t want to be alone, you are blaming yourself, you have known each other for years or anything other reason.

At some point you grew apart.  You became different people.  It doesn’t make the love and care any less real — it just means that the season for you has passed.  Enjoy the memories and let that chapter be done.  Do you have room in your life for inconsistency and disconnect, as you are trying to connect your life’s dots and be consistent in changing to better you?  Then do not let any relationship that is opposite of that continue to take up space.

This September, I have chosen to not just go about change in my business and career choices, but in my social media and personal life.  As I finish making confirmations on things I will be letting you.  You may even know before I announce things on my social media being that I am going to take a little break from it.  Maybe for another week of so.

Hey people, making life choices are so much easier when you are doing it with a clear mind and not while staring at a makeup tutorial. LOL. Peace.

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