Take Off.

There is something great about moving on with your life.  Taking that next step.  When you are thinking about taking a step to do something new and you asked for a sign that making that decision is the right one; and there a door is open wide, providing you with all the things that you need to complete to task.

Now you are there, you have done all the things necessary to get that passion you had on the right path to success.  But now you are reminded that you have to close another door.  Not because you want to and the passion for what you were doing but because it is what is necessary to complete the process.

Change.  Progress.  Steps forward.  Get moving.  These are the words or phrases that I have been keeping in mind the last few weeks.  This summer was not the easiest because my plan A was twisted and now I am looking to get Plan B going.  But as of this date, the 15th of August, I know that I need to be beyond thankful, joyful, delighted and even more dedicated.  I am now 29 and have been cancer free for 10 years.

The dreams, goals and activities that I want to do are still feasible.  I have no reason to dwindle the light that I have for them.  I have been taking the time to take on those things that never leave my mind.

Stay tuned to dememama.com as I take you with me to this new path of life.

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