Go With Progress

You have done so much.  There has been so much money put out.  There has been so much time that you have sacrificed for it.  There have been nights out with friends and loved ones that you have taken a raincheck for.  There may have been a purchase you wanted to make for yourself but you made the decision to use the money for something else.

This is your dream.  This is not something that you have just decided to do.  You thought long and hard about it.  It became a big choice.

The progress that you have made so far seems small or almost non-existent but believe that every bit of progress you are making is progress.  Take it all in.  You are on a road paved for you and by you.  Keep it going!!

Look at this young ladys face.  I see the grin on her face and think she is happy to see the joy in the work that she is doing.  The progress of what started off as an idea, a goal.  Don’t stop. Ever.


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