How I Manage My Weekend

It’s Monday.  Actually, it is the first Monday of a new month.  It’s August.  Which means that soon Summer will be ending and Fall will be approaching.  hat makes me kind of sad because I feel like this summer so far has not the way that I had hoped.  But I am determined to get as much of my plan done.

Some people wonder, how the heck do you make that happen when you work the average nine to five in New York, including the average (almost always horrible) traveling time.  On top of the average life errands that need to be done — cleaning, food shopping, cooking and everything else that comes with adulthood, or “adulting”.  I have come to find that if my weekend that has no plans that are handled in a way like a boss it can work out.  Yes, I said a boss.

In my current circumstance my weekends need to not be wasted laying around in the house.  I need to be out and about.

What I try to do is spend one day adventuring aka hanging out with friends or doing something to ease my mind.  The other day, I like to be productive.  On Friday’s either during my lunch break or on my commute home, I make a list of all the things that I would like to complete over the weekend.  Whilst going through the list, I see what things can be started and walked away from for a period of time and complete another errand.  For instance, starting the laundry and while it is washing I can run to the drug store, I can run to the bank or write a post.  In the amount of time, in my neighborhood, I have the opportunity to do a few things in the time that my clothing are being laundered.

I also look at the list and tell myself that there are things that I am okay if I do not get it done.

This weekend definitely got a lot of good done for me.  I feel as though I was productive.

IMG_9447What made me think of this topic is on instagram a set of trending videos were about #dotjournal — which is not new to me, it is actually the best way for me to work.  Figuring out that I am a visual person, who loves my smart phone has become easier.  With the apps I use to keep personally track of my life, it has become easier.

I try to manage my weekend like a boss lady.  Most people do not like that saying but here’s how I think about it.  I plan on creating something that can help many people in many ways.  Though, it would be my business —  we would all be partners because it is taking our time and effort to get it all done. To get back on point though, make your weekend worth something.  This way Mondays won’t be the worst.


Does not seem to be ideal but I promise you the relaxation makes the work flow better.  


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