I Feel Amazing

This month has been my new year.  Every day I have celebrated me.  It’s my birthday month — why should I not.

I got over the hump of being 29, which really was not a hump because I definitely don’t look or feel that way.  I work hard.  I have accomplished a great deal and I still have so much more to do.

How do you feel?  When you woke up and looked in the mirror did you feel good.  Yes, you may have felt tired, a little drained and sad that it was the beginning of a new work week but deep down how did you feel about you.

Were you proud of the things that you have done already?  Are you excited about the things that are to come?  Plain and simply, do you feel happy?

Your life is your own and every day you have to find the joy in it.  There has to be something within yourself that excites you about life.  For a long time, my joy was being in school (don’t judge me) but now I am excited about the things that I can do now that I have completed that.  I know that I will forever be learning in life but I am ready to build.  That is what excites me.

We all set goals for ourselves.  The one that I hear the most and say the most is that I want to be happy.  For a long while, I thought that it would be attached to people who were in my life but in actuality it was about me.  It was about me finding my happiness within myself.  No one can make you happy before you.

When you get the chance to today look in the mirror.  Smile.  If you need to have a conversation with yourself to remind yourself who you are, what you want and remember that you are not settling is the way to go.

Feel amazing.  BE amazing.  There is no one like you.  No one can do the things that you can.  No one has your strength.  No one has your way of thinking.  No one has your drive.  No one has the same set of skills as you.  You are an individual.  One of a pure kind.


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