Tell me what do you see when you look at me?

I’m standing here in front of you, tell me.

Do you see that I am a woman with two Bachelor’s degrees?  Do you see that I am a woman trying my hardest to give back to the community through mentoring?  Do you see that I am looking the eldest of 14 children?  I work hard to get to a point beyond what is expected.


Do you see that I am child who grew up in a broken home?  Do you see the neighborhood that I grew up in?  Do you see that I was just a pubic school kid?

Maybe worst…

Do you see that I am female?  Do you see that I am African American.  Do you see that I wear my hair in braids?  Do you see that I have curves for days?  Do you see the men that you assume that I have dated?

Tell me do you prejudge me when you see me.

Well, let me tell you.  I am African American.  I am a woman.  I am educated.  I am beautifully built to carry babies, my family, my crazy life and all the setbacks that may come my way.  I am magic.  I am real.  My blood is red.  I am a cancer survivor.  I am from Brooklyn.  I am my sisters keepers.  I am loved.  And the love that I share is stronger than the hate that you have for me.



This week has been painful to my heart literally.  It is not something new, but it broke my back — the last straw.  Literally six stories across the country of men being killed by the police caught on camera.  The systemic issues within our police departments (country wide) is just showing the hatred that is underlined.  People would say that racist and slavery ended years ago.  We knew it was never true.  We know that it wasn’t over, even though we voted in a African American president.  He went through more hell then William (Bill) Clinton when he cheated on his wife with Monica Lewinsky.  Now here we are getting ready to partake in an election, a clown show.  One that if we are not smart we are going to be stuck in.

It used to be that I feared for my brothers, but now I fear for us all.  Men, women and children.  We are targeted disproportionately because of our race, what is worst is that it is done by those who are supposed to Protect and Serve the community (whichever one they work in).

I hurt for us all.  I pray for us all.  I am beyond scared but I will not let that fear stop my life.



Those babies at the top need to never know what it is like to live like this.  Though, many of them know what it is like to not have a dad, brother, uncle, grandfather, cousin…

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