I Lost My Peace

This week has been a hard one.

As you have all probably seen after America celebrated it 240th anniversary of Independence six, no seven men, lost their lives.  Six were killed at the hands of police officers, one was hanged and we don’t know by whom.  This has literally taken place across the country.  Queens, NY, Baton Rogue, LA, Fullerton, CA, Atlanta, GA, Falcon Heights, MN, Los Angeles, CA.  IT has been a mess of life here.

There is a racist target on the backs of minorities, that we cannot seem to shake.  Young Jeezy made a song titled My President Is Black, though it is a fake, it does not mean that there have been much of any changes.  The employment rates of African Americans are lower than any other; regardless of education level.

During a peaceful protest in Dallas, TX there were a number of officers injured and killed.

There has been too many senseless deaths in this country.  Majority of them due to a small piece of metal — a bullet.  It is tearing through the hearts, mines and souls of the victims and of those emotionally feeling the pain.  You would think that this would make people run and hide, but we are not going to stand back and watch things occur.  We cannot sit back and watch with the hope that things will change.  There has to be a way to come together to stop the foolishness that is dividing us all.

This clown show of a presidential election is not helping in the slightest.  One side is making the undersided racism in this country more apparent, while there is one that seems to be taking advantage of the circumstances of citizens.  You can guess who is who.

I have lost my peace.  I celebrated a birthday joyfully to be brought back down to the lowest of the low.  My heart hurts.  My head hurts.  I toss and turn at night.  I am tired of hastagging.  I am tired of going on to social media and finding a new meme reminding me how said I should be.  I am tired of disrespectful people who do not understand, telling me how I should feel and think because they do not understand the half.

The resolution I found in myself to be peacful, graceful and full of happiness has found its way back to a place of lost.  I almost wish I lived off of the grid and never knew what was going on.

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