My Last Year in My 20’s


Today is my birthday.  That freaks me out a little.

I’m sitting here thinking about where I am in my life and I know that I am not.  But I will say this much about myself.  There has been a lot of pain.  There has been a lot of hardships.  Many times were I did not have any support about anything in my life.

Yet, I am here.

Yet, I hold two college degrees.

Yet, I almost have ten years of being cancer free.

Yet, I know what I want to do with my life and I am working toward that goal everyday.

The determination that I have found is not a genetic thing but is something that I have built in myself is going to continue to push me further in my life than I could ever expect.

I have removed the toxins from my life and they are not infilterating the goodness that is coming my way.  I support and believe in me.  Those whom aren’t my real friends have been removed.

The greatness that is set for me is coming.  Happy Birthday to me


I would also like to say Happy Birthday to one of my favorite women Princess Diana, she would’ve been 55 today.


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