You Are Your Best Risk and Reward


Are you ready?

Are you ready for yourself?  To be the best version of yourself.  Where you allow yourself to wildly go after all of the things that matter to your heart — to your existence being fulfilled.

People have different thoughts on how you should live, ‘Live life like there is no tomorrow’ or ‘Tomorrow will come just enjoy the moment now’.  I feel like you should just live.  I feel like you should not live with the feeling that you regret not taking any chances on yourself.

Do you want to spend your life building for someone else?  To see the joy on their face only.  Do not get me wrong doing something good for others is fulfilling but not where you feel that you are slaving for just their happiness.

They say that there is no risk without reward, even if it all does not pan out the way that you would expect it too.  There are those who say that you should never take a step without a plan.  But then I ask them, did you have a plan set out for all the parts of your life.  What your partner would look or be like?   The home life that you would have.  There are so many unexpectancies in life that become plan B through Z, when Plan A does not work.  So, why not take the chance on yourself to do what you love — that feeds your soul.

This is something that I have been thinking about lately.  I have been sitting here, unhappy with my environment and my life.  The only person that can change that and make my life worthwhile is me.  I’ve come to realize that the people that I admire are people who took their life into their own hands.

The same routine does not work for everyone to get to the same path of life.  I cannot go to the same school as you.  I do not have the same family as you.  Everyone is different no matter how much we may think a like.  I have to be my own version of Steve Jobs, Yoncé or The Obamas.

Untitled-1There is no longer a reason to not get to where you want to be.  Liz Murray, do you remember her.  She is the young lady who was homelessand ended gained the opportunity to attend Harvard.  What about Steve Harvey who was homeless, sleeping in his car and is now a Actor, Television Host, Radio Host, Philanthropist.  Oprah, who always worked in her industry of choice but was tore down for many years — now she has built a great empire and is helping young women gain an education in Africa; many are now in college studying to be doctors, lawyers, teachers and more.

Your start doesn’t matter.  It is about how you finish.  Do you want to finish with just dreams in your head?  I want my life to be about happiness in my heart, no regrets just lessons and peace.


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