The Proverbial Slammed Door

The things that we work for the hardet, it hurts when they don’t pan out as you hoped.  You hear peaople say ‘This project is my baby’, the connection is true and pure.  It all began as an idea in your mind to this tangible piece of work.

Then there’s the presentation.  Whether it’s to a professor, board of shareholders, department heads or even your parents to get something you want passed through.  You are well prepared.  You practiced and you give your best show.  After which it falls into their hands to make the final decision.

The moment arises.  You hear all the good and expect a awesome outcome — to just be saddened with a denial.  With a look of confidence you thank them for listening and considering your option, and walk away.  Though you seem fine, mentally you are wondering where did you go wrong.  How did you get a no?  All the research.  All the evidence you presented that proved the project, the plan was a feasible one.  It would be beneficial.  It would be great and you could handle it.  But you still got a no.

Now what?  You moed pass the curiousity and set the blame on you.  The no was not about you.

You cry.  You saulk.  You put yourself into a slump.  Or you throw yourself into something else and ignore your emotions.  Until you breakdown.

STOP!  You got as far as you did because of yourself.  Do you remember what was said to you before the ‘but’?

You are beyond qualified to handle this project.  Just the idea of the work possible is fascinating.  Right now, because of resources and timing, we are going to have to not tke on the work.  But we want to continue on with you soon.  This is going to go far.

Now that you remember that, let’s move on.  It would seem that the one door you had opened slammed in your face.  That is not the case.  It was just one opportunity that was not meant for you.  There are people who will agree in your brave thought pattern, they will agree in your intelligence and will want to take on the work with you.

The deicision made is not the end.  It is just a bump and a great new beginning for you.



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