The Dreaded Job Search

You are graduating from high school and need extra money.  You are graduating college and it is time to get a full time job.  You just lost your job.  You have a strong dislike for your current job.  The job you have is not leaving you financially stable to save more.  These are many reasons that you have been on a job hunt for the last few years.  And I know it is not easy.

It has been almost a year since I have graduated college and became a part of the workforce again.  I have had many great opportunities through agencies that assist with finding work but there is a struggle in finding work on your own.

You may wonder how can this be a #MotivationMonday topic.  It is though.

stock-footage-woman-looking-for-job-with-cellphone-and-newspaperThink about it.  The struggle that you have finding work, makes you think how you present yourself to those whom you are reaching out to.  I have learned so much on the path.

“Check yourself before you reck yourself”

Did you look over your resume before you sent it?  What about your cover letter?  I hope that they aren’t generic.  They shouldn’t be something that you have to just send out.  Every hiring agent is different.  They look at resumes with their own views and ideals – which can be seen in the job post as well as in the type of organization with whom you are applying with.

Another thing that you should look at is your social media — all of them.  It may seem like it should not be a thing but believe me, as much as they pay attention to your resume, they pay attention to your Google results.  Take the time to look at the things that you have posted, think of it if you are the hiring manager.  You may think ‘Oh, he/she looks like a fun person’ but would it make you think twice about hiring you.

Do you qualify for the job that you are applying for?  Sometimes the title of the position that we are applying to gets our eye.  Is it what you are capable of doing or do you meet the requirements for the position?  If your experience does not show that you have the background to handle the workload, that is what they are going to see and will not consider you.

“Do you know what we do here?”

The biggest thing that I have found in my search is that comprehension of the organization that you are looking to work with is important.  You want to know if you are a fit for them.  You want to know if you are compatible.  You want to know their mission, their social responsibility and core values.  Plus, this question alone is a big one during interviews.  This is not just something to do for the interview.  You do not want to put the time into a application for a company that you later find our that you do not want to be a part of.

“Preparation Is Key”

It would seem as though you would not need to prepare for a job search.  It is very necessary that you do.

To be better prepared, update your resume as you apply.  Does your objective match?  Does your experience jell with the position?  Do you?  Did you research the organizations?

There is so much more advice that can help through your search — check out Levo League for more advice.

Getting a job doesn’t take place over night when you are on a serious search.  Prep, serious time and work is necessary — and it makes it bearable.


What are your tips for the dreaded job search that makes it simplier?


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