Dream Girl (or Boy)

You are at work.  You just woke up.  How do you feel?

Do you wish that you were still in your dream?  Well why aren’t you?

FullSizeRender-2No, not still asleep, but in your dream.  That thing that you rather be doing.  That place that you rather be.  Why are you not there or doing it?  Are you telling yourself that you cannot get there?  That is not true.  You have just the same amount of passion, drive and skill as the person next to you that is going for the goal.  Is it your fear of failure?  Or success?

Neither should deter you from the accomplishment of your heart.  There is no goal that is not unattainable.

As I wonder on this Wednesday, I realized that I have stopping myself from allowing my true capabilities to shine.  I had to re-evaluate if stopping myself was me safeguarding myself from the pain of failure, am I scared of what is to come or am I afraid of what comes after success.  There are some people who think that once you accomplish that goal on your heart that their is nowhere to go.  I do not agree, the only way to go is up.

Dream on.  See that dream and be a part of it.  Make it happen.  Do you think that Beyoncé had the dream of being a singer and sat back and decided to leave them for only when she slept?  The late great Prince wanted to build his own sound and have his own name after leaving Warner Bros. and he didnt stop  until he had it.

Your dreams.  The things that you want to do.  The goals that you have set for yourself, are not for nothing.  They are because you are one person who has your own set of skills, unlike anyone else.  You are a individual with your own purpose in life that you must fulfill.  And letting your dreams simply disappear is not the way to go.

Dream on — then go work on it.


Have a wonderful #WonderWednesday


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