America the Beautifully Ugly

I truly rather not write about politics.

Yet, it surrounds us as this is an election year and the worst that I have ever seen.  Worst then Bush vs. Gore and definitely worst then Bush vs. Kerry.

A country that lives off of such ‘beliefs’ as we are ‘the Free’, we are ‘the Brave’, and where we have ‘the American Dream’ – yet we are living in reverse where the thought of being free, brave and living the American Dream is rapidly being taken away from those who built this country off of their backs.  Literally.

A person, though I desire to not call him that because that is what he would say about me is so determined to set us back fifty years, 100 years and more through his political ideals that would make ‘America great’.  Yet, it would create a country of hate.  Full of battlefields, crime and indecency to human kind.

Why should anyone whose fortune, fame and prosperity comes from the work of those he considers to be below him speak is such a monstrous way?  This country is a supposed democracy.  Which is why he has the ability to speak on the platform as a presidential candidate.  But in actuality he is speaking as a man full of hate who is desiring to make America great by setting back backwards.  For no reason besides that he is worried about some type of overtake of power which he believes will put him on a lower benchmark.  When what he doesn’t realize is that we all just want to live the real American dream.  Where we all can live peacefully.  Where we all can have the same opportunities.

Unfortunately, I am one of those people who will suffer if he is placed in to a position of power.  Am I fearful, I am not sure yet.  I know that all the work that has taken place to get us all past this will be done away with the power of people voting.  I worked hard to learn about the past of this country.  In hopes that it would never happen again.  In hope that we have gotten far and will continue to press on.  Some of us have believed that upon having Barack Obama as our President, our country would be changing for the better.  Seeing that we are all the people; and not just one kind is we the people.

I now think about moving out of this country.  It might be the best bet.  This country has hurt my people, even to this very day.  It has hurt the people who support my people.  Who in their right mind would want to stay somewhere where you are disrespected, seen as a minority, seen as just above pest.

I do not have kids, I do work with them.  I hear how they are scared to live in a country with his as their ‘leader’ because they believe that he ‘hates everyone’.  They are the ones that I am scared for.  Though we are running through the primaries right now, they put the worry in my mind because they are scared of what is going to happen to them.

We are a country in distress!

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