Spring Changing


Over the weekend we changed our clocks forward.  It is a sort of spring forward or celebration to the end of winter.  I am from the Northeast, so saying good bye to winter is a happy moment for many.  It is almost time to change out our wardrobes, update our diets and change our skin and body routines.

IMG_8109.PNGFor me, I am strongly working on my body, inner working and skin.  Every winter I have a hard time because I am anemic with a trait of sickle cell anemia.  Which means my red blood cell numbers are low; the flow of the cells and oxygen throughout my body is low.  The reason that I have the trait of sickle cell anemia is because of my levels are extremely low.  The winter is rough on me.  I am colder than others around me.  I am tired and weak.  And my immune system is not as strong either.

I thought that I was tired with darkness under my eyes because I was working long hours or maybe that it was my diet.  I started making changes to my sleeping habits.  I started making changes to my diet – for instance eating three meals a day, more homemade meals and more water and my iron supplements.

IMG_8104Now, since I have made those changes there is something else that I have decided to do.  I want to do a detox.  You have to take care of your body if you want it to work well for you from the inside before handling the outside.  You won’t look good if your feeling bad on the inside.

After the detox, I will go back on my iron supplements with the strong urge of my new (not so new) eating habits.  I have never been a horrible eater I was not eating fruits and veggies as much as I used to.  A well balanced diet works well for me.

Changing and adding to my wardrobe, makeup and shoe collection is something I love.  I just need to take care of me first, within me.

Spring, I am happy to see you my love.  It means that summer and my birthday will be here soon.  It means that we have to do some cleaning up.  Our bodies, our homes and our relationships.

Good luck with your cleaning people.



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