Why Count Them Out?

When you send your kids to school every morning, you are assuming that they are receiving all the help that they need and deserve — they are getting the proper education. The teachers are helpful and don’t clock out after school.  The administrators know the kids and believe in them, they strive to help them get through.

This is not something that is taking place in all schools.  There are so many children that are discounted on their possibilities because of the neighborhood they live in, the school that they attend or their family situation.

Throughout my lifetime I have had opportunities to work with children, primary to high school, who just needed someone to believe in them.  Give them the right advice.  Be someone who is in their corner.  I have tried to be that for children but it definitely needs to come from the educators too.

Children spend majority of their day with their teachers and many go through the day not being acknowledged.  Or they are yelled at because they got an answer wrong, when what they needed was someone to take the time to work with them.  Show them the procedure.  Instead, if he/she is a child who is living with his/her mom in housing with their other siblings and no father; they are doomed.  I have heard the administrators talk.

In my most recent experience I had the chance to talk with primary school aged children about the Presidency.  One of the things we talked about was what would make a good President, what would you want him/her to do?  One child said that ‘a good President cares about all people.’  One said that ‘They want peace and not war.  It puts a lot of people in danger.’  One said that ‘He/she is a good person, a true good person.’  One even said ‘Education would be free, so everyone can learn.  That way we are all smart.’  None of these children were over the age of ten, the youngest being about seven.

How do you look at those kids?  Why would you count them out?  Instead of saying they won’t get out, help them see that they can.  Don’t take programs away from them.  Listen to what they have to say.  Do you know these kids are of reading age?  These children are smarter than many give them credit for.  I for one know that I want to see them succeed.  I can imagine the greatness in them that is ready to come out.

Why count them out?

They are good enough for you to use to fool others to give their vote — but they are not smart enough, qualified enough to get you to care about their school not having enough books.  Their school closing in the middle of the year.  Their school not having enough qualified teachers so there are too many children in one classroom.  All because you have already counted them out.

STOP IT! Or are you scared?


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