It’s a leap year.

Which means that this year, February got an extra day.  Which also means Black History Month did too.

How can anyone say that it is the end of celebrating your heritage.  Which is why we celebrate and are proud of our heritage everyday.  Through protesting the injustices, done both to and within our community.  We fight for better opportunities for the future through education and career.

The fight is not over.  Everyone’s life matters.  Everyone deserves the same opportunities.  Aren’t we all in the same country that proudly thrives on freedom, possibilities and living out your dreams.

The picture used is that of the March of Selma led by Martin Luther King Jr. and many other civil rights activist.  The other would be the 50th anniversary photo of the same march with the first African American President Barack Obama.

Though, there has been many things that have changed in the last 50 to 60 years; like voting rights, desegregation, education rights, policies such as EEO and having a Democratic African American man as President.  This would seem as though there has been huge strides in the system there are a lot more steps to take.  Mostly dealing with the injustices.

The national celebration of our history may end today, but the work that needs to continue to create bigger and better history will continue on.


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