Monday Motivation: Your Body of Work


Have you ever been in a place in your career and wondered why you feel stuck.

Then you begin to think of the last time you thought that way.  You notice that it has been a while since that has been your mindset and you want to get out of it again.

You say you are going to cleanse yourself of all the mess around you.  You start at your creative place, your desk.  As you start to trash papers, you see the ideas that you once began working on but put to the side.  Then that pile starts.  You know that pile.  The one with all the things that seemed great, but you realized they were only great in part, you just didn’t know the missing part.

After the trash is gone you spread out the ideas, the drawings, the notes and it all begins to come back.

WomanWithMessyDesk-850x400You were on to something!  Now you have to finish.  In the mix of thoughts, theories and doodles you see the pieces coming together to create something magical.  It is going to take some time to finish but your inspiration has come back.  The story you want to tell.  The piece you want to write.  That desire you was missing is back.

You put it all together and then you think about all your previous work.  It hits you.  The long nights.  The research.  The written notes on napkins.  The recordings of yourself speaking about the ideas.  How it all came together perfectly at the right time.

You look over your old work, with the feeling of how proud you were.

As you look at what is to come you become more proud because you know that after the long days and nights that are to come you will be just as excited.

Now, let the past be your motivation to create something incredible now to impact an amazing tomorrow.  You’ve done it and you can do it.


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