Feature Friday PINTEREST and FASHION

Yes, my Feature Friday features Pinterest.

Pinterest is a this great little (huge) site that has ideas for everything!  It’s better than Google search.  Though, there are many Googled pins; the majority are created by those who write the stories, create the products and give the advice.

As I have been thinking about moving.  (I hinted that in my last post).  The ideas of where I want to live, decorating and wardrobe differences has led me to Pinterest a lot more than usual.

If you have never used Pinterest (I have for years) take the time to make an account and allow your imagination to run wild and be fed.  It is great for it all. Here are some things I pulled for inspiration.

Black Beauty


This is Donyale Luna.  A beautiful African American model and actress.  She was born in Detroit, MI with the name Peggy Freeman.  Her siblings stated that she was “a very weird child, even from birth living in a wonderland, a dream.”  In high school she studied journalism and began using the name Donyale Luna.

After being discovered she moved to New York.  Donyale graced the cover of Harper’s Bazaar at the age of 20.  She was a beautiful brown skin slender woman with round brown eyes standing with her head held high at just over 6″.  In 1965 she was the first African American woman to grace the cover of British Vogue.

Though her career reached it’s highest moment rapidly, she reached her bottom just as fast because of substance abuse.

Many people do not know about Donyale because of her rise and fall.  Much like that of Marilyn Monroe — the pain of those whom are beautiful is beyond deep.

Besides her forgotten legacy in the fashion world, in 1977 Donyale had a beautiful daughter; her only child, named Dream.  Donyale’s daughter Dream was a gift but she ended up dying on May 17, 1979 of an accidental heroin overdose.



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