Thoughtful Thursday -Alice Dunnigan, first female African-American accredited journalist


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Chelsea Dinen life coach, blogger, vlogger, and self admitted nomad.  Great person. 

There are days that I just look around and think about what it is that I wish I would be doing.

I think of all the women that have just picked up and gone on about their lives to being where they really wanted to be.  Not the you go off to college and then go somewhere life, but the one where you pick up your life far after college to go on to something else.  Where you only have a partial plan.  The one where you imagine the challenges but you are willing to take them on because you want happiness.

I have been planning on a trip, a final trip to move away in the next few months.  While doing my research I was on Pinterest I found Chelsea Dinen.  Chelsea is a certified life coach, honest nomad and someone who has truly decided to be happy in her life.  I initially just liked and pinned one of her post but I ended up surfing (and subscribing) her site.

Chelsea has recently moved across the country alone, I said honest nomad, and is joyful.  While reading her post I have come to find that it is great to take the steps that are necessary to find your happiness.  “My mission is to empower women to take the road less traveled || Whether you’re planning a cross country move, moving to a new city alone, or seeking a new beginning, I hope you find inspiration here”, that is a quote her.  This so suits what I am aiming for.  This is what I need.

I called this #thoughtfulthursday because she took what she knows can be difficult in that situation and chose to be a support system for others who do not have support in their decisions like myself.  I want to take my experience and pass it on as well.

I’m glad I found Chelsea.  Check her out.

Alice Dunnigan (1906 – 1983)


Alice, a sharecropper’s daughter, live through the Great Depression, arriving in Washington, DC and taking what we now call the Code of Journalists seriously and astonishing the White House Press Corp.

She was the first African American female journalist to be introduced into the White House Press Corp and State Department.  During the presidential campaign of 1948, Alice became the first African American female to cover it because she covered Harry Truman’s “Whistlestop Trip”.

Before that took place she was born in Kentucky.  Alice persuaded her degree from at Kentucky State College but completed it at West Kentucky Industrial College.  At the age of 13 she knew that she wanted to be journalist and she began her career then by writing one sentence news stories in her local newspapers.  She planned on being a trailblazer.

She accomplished this with a big voice and even while sitting in the section for servants from time to time due to segregation.

Alice caused such a fury in the Corp during Eisenhower’s presidency because she was the only person who bold enough to question him about the Civil Rights issues in the country.  Eisenhower ended up ignoring her throughout the rest of his term.  Dunnigan was not heard from again until President John F. Kennedy took office, in his inaugural speech on January 29m 1961.  Then she was the first female and the first African-American reporter called on.


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