Motivation Monday – Past Influencing the Present, For the Future


If you watched Superbowl 50 yesterday like I did you would have seen the past coming in to influence the present and the future.  It started with the MVP’s from the last 49 games.  As they reminded Cam Newton (North Carolina Panthers) of the proud title.  Beyonce and her dancers performed her new single Formation remind us about the Black Panthers, Bruno Mars reminded us of good quality times of celebration.  Coldplay reminded us of positive and peaceful moments like Woodstock and Coachella.  They all came together to remind us of getting it together and to believe in love.

Another way to think of the past influencing the present for the future is parents. You hear the struggles of those who came before us and their hope that we could have a better, smoother life for ourselves and the families we create.

I look at my city and see how over the years it has changed.  How it became a metaphoric holy ground where it has a saying ‘If you make it here, you can make it anywhere’.  

This country never thought we would ever see an African-American president.  We have.  He and his family has served two terms.

I can give many examples about how the past influences us; in fashion, cars, housing, politics and changes.  It would all lead to the same thing.  The reason we look to the past to make things better for the present and the future is because we want to make things better.  We want to create opportunities for those to come and to make our lives better and more fulfilling.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “The future depends on what we do in the present”.  My personal past influenced my present to make the decisions that I make today to impact my future in a positive way.  So that I will say that I am beyond happy to live my life.

Black History Motivation

Shirley Chisholm


It is well known that African American women are well underrepresented when it comes to politics in America.  Presently there are 21 African American women serving in Congress.

Shirley ran for President in 1972; she was not the first or the last.  She ran with not much support from political organizations that she helped to create but she was able to gain 151 votes during the Democratic National Convention though she was unable to gain the nomination.  Such women like Shirley have effected women, women of color specifically, that once they have found themselves in a state of power they should take their abilities to do good.  [I forget to mention she is a graduate of my alma mater Brooklyn College.]

Shirley is the past that leads to the present of FLOTUS Michelle Obama who is a lawyer, educator, social activist.  The past has influenced the present of many to create a great future.



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