Wonder Wednesday – COLLEGE

It’s the beginning of a new session or semester or marking period for high schools.  

The Juniors and Seniors have either finished their PSAT’s ot SAT’s of ACT’s.  They have begun or had college tours.  They have completed financial aid applications.  Scholarship essays.  College applications with the check attached.  

Many are excited aboit what is about to happen, there are many that are scared and have no idea what is about to come.  They wonder whether they will be overwhelmed.  They wonder if they will be able to get through the day to day and be successful.

I know that they will.  Preparedness, is a big part of it.  It is not just about having all the things you need to survive in your dorm room.  It is not just about having nice school supplies.  It is about your mindset.  Are you being positive?  Are you realistic with yourself?  Being positive and honest with yourself is a portion of getting through.  

There are things that high school may not have prepared you for.  Like, that you will not be going to classes with your friends all of the time.  Then there are things that your whole education career has prepared you for.  For instance, all teachers are not the same.  Their methods of teaching and grading are different.  The biggest lesson I learned in school (and in life) is that your success depends on you.  

Throughout, school you may have had friends who were active in school activities and still did well.  But when you tried, it did not work so smoothly.  Here’s why; you had not trained yourself to take on more than you are used to.  Your mind and body and amazing tools getting you through but it cannot take on more pressure without training.  Here are some quick pointers for dealing with training yourself:

  1. Let day 1 run as it normally would, without making any changes.  Just to see how things will change.
  2. Now that you know the new schedule, meet days, test dates and the load of homework. Create a schedule.  Do you need to get up earlier to stretch?
  3. Make sure you include having a fulfilling breakfast as to not have you drained in your first few hours of the day. 
  4. Get a good night sleep.  This and breakfast will effect how you function. 
  5. Plan out your studying.  If you have topics that you need extra study time in make sure you put that ime in.  This does not mean to burn the information.  This means to go over the points that are problematic for you.

What is most important is to never compare yourself to other people around you.  Everyone has a different way of getting their work done that is suitable for them, like having a tutor, a study buddy, the library, in their room with music or a distraction playing in the background, or even in complete silence alone.  

The best thing you will wonder about and figure out while in college is whag works for you.  You have 4 great years of your life to get to know you better while making friends that you may have for a eternity. 

Good luck to you all! 

Since I have discussed college on this wonderful Wonder Wednesday here is the black history of the first HBCU (Historically Black College or University).  

Cheyney University (circa 1900) – http://www.cheyney.edu

The first HBCU was Cheyney University in Cheyney, PA.  It was established in 1837 by a quaker philanthropist by the name of Richard Humpheys.  Since his vision was to “to instruct the descendants of the African Race in school learning,…in order to prepare and fit and qualify them to act as teachers…” the higher education insitution has helped create many successes.  Such as journalist Ed Bradley, Robert W. Bogles publisher and CEO of the Philadelphia Tribune and Gladys Syles Johnston, Former Chancellor of the University of Nebraska at Kearney.  

Cheyney University (circa 2000’s) – http://www.cheyney.edu


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