Hello February, Black History Month


Hello February.  Though this is the weather known for this time of the year.  Yet, I am happy to say that the snow storm Jonas has hit and moved on from here in New York.

We are in the second month of this new year, wow, what a quick reminder that you must enjoy everyday because once the day is gone, you cannot get it back.  Think positively and watch all the good come your way.

February is also Black History Month.  In celebration for every post I will discuss someone with a great history within the country with first.


Patricia Roberts Harris (1924-1985)

Born in Mattoon, Illinois on May 31, 1924, Patricia excelled as a student earning a scholarship to Howard University where she graduated with honors.  She continued her studies at University of Chicago; then followed up with a JD from George Washington’s University’s National Law Center.

After finishing her education she went on to be the first African-American woman to hold the following Government Official positions:

U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg (President Johnson) — [1965-1967]

U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) (President Jimmy Carter) — [1977-1979]

U.S. Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare (President Jimmy Carter) — [1979-1981]

Co-Chair, National Women’s Committee for Civil Rights (President John Kennedy) — [1963]

Mrs. Harris also held the position of Dean of Howard Law School where before she worked as a lecturer and professor, the director of the Deltas (DST – Delta Sigma Theta) and worked with the Department of Justice.

She proved that beauty and brains can have an impact on a community not just at the home base but through governmental work.

After a life full of positive career impact on March 23, 1985 she passed away after a battle with Breast Cancer in Washington, D. C.


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