Motivation Monday – No More Shadows


Last week Motivation Monday was all about using the power of saying ‘Hi’ to build relationships and connections.  What I didn’t discuss was that you need to get yourself out of the shadows first.

IMG_7704There is something that I have said repeatedly in my little bit of time blogging.  That is, that you have to take the steps necessary for you to get to where you wanted to be.  I know that personally, I would tell people that I was the Cinderella of my family and unlike me waiting for my prince charming to get me out of my stuck situation.  I was looking for my way out on my own.  But there was only one way for me to get out — I had to get myself out.

For as far back as I could remember I would be there for everyone else around me to achieve what they had set out to do.  Then I would sit in the background and watch them get applauded for something that I assisted in helping them get to.  In turn, when I was striving to get somewhere I was left to wonder the world alone.  There was no one to advise or support me.

Now, here I am again, trying to step out of the shadows again.  There is no one there supporting me, just me alone wondering which steps to take.  And I turn around, look to my left and my right and notice that no one is there.

Then I look up and I know that the one person who truly has my back and is there to help me through was the man who put me here (and I do not mean my biological father).

As I have taken the steps to come out of the shadows I have seen doors open for me.  I have met people that I would have never met if I stayed the way that I was.  The opportunities that I have had so far, just in the last six months, I would not have.  And the things that I am striving towards now — I would still be in the corner wishing that I went for it.

Step out of the shadows.  Do not let the desires, goals and wishes of others come before yours.  Do not allow things and people to push you into a corner.  Where will you end up?  Just wishing.  Just wondering.  Just watching.  Why?


I promise you that you are just as qualified and maybe even more than the person next to you to do the job.  Believe in yourself.  There is a sun out there for you to stand under and shine brightly.



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