Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2016


This past Friday, January 15th was Mr. King’s birthday.  He would’ve been 87 years old.

On this lovely Monday, in January, it is observed.  It means that schools are closed and some people do not have to go to work.

I just wanted to take the time to say some quick words.

Mr. King does not stand as the only civil rights movement stamp for those whom are minorities.  He is one of many like Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, James Baldwin and many more.  He is not someone that we take to be a perfect man.  We know that he had his faults, for he was just a man.  He had a family to care for.  A congregation to preside over.  He was just one of the many that stood up to speak for the oppressed.  Which did include himself.

We always say that if you stand back and just watch you are not doing anything to change the problem.  He wanted to help create a solution, to help create a change for us all.  Just by using his voice.

There are those crappy notions that say ‘he only had a dream and not a plan’, but it all starts with a dream; which is in turn a goal.  Then you take that goal and figure out a plan.  He was not the person that was supposed to create the plan.  He was supposed to be a part of the conversation where the plan was created.  We as a people (and I’m not just talking about Afro Americans) were supposed to make a plan for true equality and freedom for all.

Mr. King who has been gone 48 years this April and we are still working on the plan because of a dream that Mr. King spoke on, that all had hopes of coming true even to present day.

This day is not just about celebrating his birthday and life.  It is about acknowledging history.  About seeing what has changed since; whether better or worst.  It is about that dream that we all still dream of.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day.



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