Motivation Monday…HI

Yes, I chose to use the word Hi as my motivation on this second Monday of 2016.

One little word has the ability to make many things happen.

I have learned that just saying “Hello” “Hi” or “Good Morning” can do something that would be memorable for your future.  The person you may be speaking might have the ability to give you pointers about something because they are in that field.  You may be able to get a job or an introduction to someone else.

It may also be a great way to meet a new friend.  When you have move can give you an in and how things may work in your complex. The best time to call management.  The best way to get home without the main roads.  The best food or shopping in the neighborhood.

There are so many things that saying hello can do for you, in many situations.  School, work, traveling even awkward elevator rides.  Anything is possible anywhere.

In my industry there is this belief that you should always have a one-minute pitch ready.

That pitch should always start with hi.

This year, no, from now on let hihello, how are you be your starting point to what you want.  You can work on getting where you want alone but it could be helpful to have those with experience on your side as well.


Tell me your thoughts

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