Dear 2015


Dear 2015,

As the tide comes in to end you there are some things that I have to say.

They say that how you start the year is how the year will play out.  I will say I started off the new year with real friends, smiling and looking forward to what you had to offer me.

Things weren’t perfect, I will admit.  But I have let go a lot of the things from the past that were hindering me.  Whether it be people, bills or emotions.  I will say that it made me feel better.  I also say that I have picked up my belief in myself.  Which is why I have decided to stop letting my dreams be dreams but to put some effort behind the work that I am doing.

I told myself that this would be a year of change.  It didn’t have to be a large captivating change.  Change can be small and have a big effect.

I have graduated with my second Bachelor’s degree.

I have had great work opportunities, including getting my first Social Media client.  

And I have made the decision to take some small steps toward a big change to hope be completed in 2016. 

I have built the love for myself.  I have built the belief in myself.  I have built my confidence.  I am on to something good.  And as I do with every year as it ends – I think it.  Whether it is a good year or a bad one; it has done something for me.  Not just because I was strong enough to make it through but my strength to make it has pushed my urge to do something more exciting. 

Thank you 2015.  You gave me something to look forward too.  I actually have to get to working on that now. 


DeMé Mama (Tina)


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