Motivation Monday…ME!


Found on the instagram account of Womeneur.  Connection for Women entrepreneurs.

This is the final Motivation Monday of 2015.

When I started writing Motivation Mondays they were all about people and things around me that were motivating me to push harder towards my goals.  From my sisters, to school, to little children who saw the best in the world.

There is something that I never did.  I never said that I was my own motivation.

FullSizeRender-8I am my motivation.  I see the things that I have gone through these past three years the many walls that stopped me, but I have also seen the many strides that I have made.

I may not be happy where I am right now in my life but I excited to continue working on getting to where my heart desires.

I see what my future can be and I look forward to reaching it.  No one can stop me…but me.  I will not allow myself to stop myself.  I’ll be damned if I end up living a life where I spend all my time wishing, wondering and daydreaming about what my life could’ve been like.

FullSizeRender-4You know your goals.  You know your dreams.  No one knows you better than you do; besides God.  He would not put you through anything that you could not handle, but you have to believe in yourself to make that happens.

I am my biggest motivation.  I have to be.  How else are you going to get to where you want to be?

My motivation for this end of you and beginning of the new year is ME!



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