To All The Children

This is the time of year, where your imagination should run freely.  The moment where you get to imagine everything.

Some would say that the summer is when you get to be a child the most.  But in my opinion that is more true during the holidays.  You get to think of everything that you could wish for.  She can send your wishes out and wait for it to come back.

That favorite cousin that you have not seen in so long will be around to play in the snow with you.  Your parents have a lot of days off and will be able to spend more time with you.  They will teach you how to cook and there will be a lot of pictures taken.

 The beat time to dream; the best time to want it all.  The best time to think of everything that you could be is now. 

No matter your circumstance at home, it all seems to be possible and just a wishing star away.  

It is also an amazing time to think of those that you see having a hard time.  Being good to others; all the time not just now, is a great lesson to learn too.  You never know where you will be.  

Regardless, smile that wonderful smile.  It could brightens someone elses day. Say happy holidays to someone they may be so busy that they forget.  Use your manners, it would leave a lasting impression on the adults and younger children around you.  

This is the end of the year, it isnt just about the holidays.  It’s about realizing love and life.  Looking forward to tomorrow – a better one. 

Magical, what can happen. 




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