Those in the Bah Humbug Mood


I am a lover of people.  I am a lover of the holidays.

Though people may do things that irritate me or find a way to get under my skin, even sometimes may have the ability to make me feel less than for a minute, but then I realize I am a happy person.  I am someone who looks forward to the future.  And I want to meet as many people and help as many people as I can.

It seems as though those who are miserable in their life become more so around this time of year.  They find fault in everyone around them, even if everyone around them is taking care of their entire world for them.  When someone is like that it is better to not stoop to their level because there is no good in being horrible to other people.

Those whom live in the bah humbug mood need the time to look at themselves, see everything good that is around them.  That may have to happen in different ways; by leaving them alone, by no longer handling the things they need or by continuing to show that their negativity is not affecting the good within you.

Hope.  Joy.  Family.  Excitement.  Rebirth.  Is that not all the wonderful things of Christmas?  Is that not the beauty in the celebration?

Maybe those who are in the bah humbug mood know something that I don’t.

Like, happy holidays everyone.


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