Motivation Monday – Moving On


At this point of the year, people are beginning to make their list of New Years Resolution.  Which there is nothing wrong with it.  Hey I do it.  As a matter of fact, I did one this year and I can say that I have a bit good for myself on it.  I will tell you more about that later.

My health scare came from me dealing with stress of those around.  I was taking care of them and not myself.  I’m a lover and a giver, what can I say.  This scare has taught me that I have to move on with my life.  I have to make sure that I am working towards the things that I have wanted to work on.  Because if I was gone tomorrow, there would be so much that I would feel I did not give myself the opportunity to do because I was worried about those around me.

I want to be obsessed with my life.  I want to be excited to do the things that I get to wake up to do.  I want that badly.  There was a meme I saw about that exact subject and it hit a positive nerve for me.

I refuse to allow another year to go by without me saying and me more that you, yours, hers, his and theirs.

Living at a stop sign while watching everyone else life going by, does nothing but make you wonder when will it be my turn.  I cannot live like that.

My Motivation Monday is the step of moving on and building your own legacy.

Then there is what was supposed to be Tuesday’s post.  It is titled, Those In The ‘Bah Humbug’ Mood.  It’s up, check it out.


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