Holiday Love

There is the hope, joy and happiness of children during the Christmas holiday.  But what about us adults.  We hope to have joy and happiness in during this time too.  Someone to cuddle up with, share a movie on the couch under the blanket, or to sip hot cocoa with.

 You can see it in the movies that play. From Lifetime to Hallmark to ABC Family.  Majority of films and television shows show love during Christmas.  Who doesn’t want to say we fell in love over Christmas.  For many people a Christmas wedding is all they think of. 

Not saying that if you are single that you still don’t feel the love.  The love between friends and family have a chance to grow.  You remember why you have been friends for so long.  You find out something new about the people you love.  There is growth.  There has been changes.  The bond that you wondered if was still there becomes present again.

It was exactly what you needed.

It’s also a great time to build the love within yourself.  Look at the things that you have done this year.  What were your ups and your downs?  Do you regret any of it?  Or do you see them all as learning opportunities in your life.  I would hope the latter.  

Love can blossom in any relationship during the holidays.  It is like a moment of rebirth.  Let the love in.  



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