Dear December


A Central Park view with the ever graceful and every little girl dream wedding location – The Waldorf Astoria.

Yesterday was the first day of the last days of 2015.  Yes, December has come.

With you, you bring the list of things that did not get done in 2015 (so far, there’s still time).  The hustle of final Christmas shopping.  Awesome new agendas like this one to get ready for what exciting hopes for the new year.  The cold weather only to be felt in the Northeast (which reminds me to purchase Iron Supplements).

What you also bring is the joy in the voices of children as they talk about their list, going to see grandparents, and snow fights.  The quiet over this city that never sleeps as the cold winds comes in and people huddle inside.  Though there is a closeness in the summer while having fun.  There is a different closeness during the holidays.  There is more emotion.  The strings attached to the heart are pulled.  Love is spread.


December though you bring the possibility of snow (please not yet) you bring more good then I give you credit for.

I am glad to see you hear, though it also means the year is almost gone.  I look forward to what you have up that winter coat sleeve.


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