Motivation Monday – Everyday People

Though Thanksgiving has gone away from us now, there is something that I want to bring up.  There was a lady who was homeless here in my lovely city.  She has been off the street for the better part of a year now and on the eve of a day where we celebrate thankfulness she chose to go into the subway to play music as her thank you to all of those who provided her with small things that ended up being big gestures.    

Everyday, we all have an impact on other people lives whether it is by using your manners on public transportation. Giving advice to someone at work. Or supporting a family member.  We all have some type of effect. 

With that being said about other people — let me say something about you. Yes, you. The person reading this.  You have an impact on my life. For the past year I have taken to the blogging universe and the positive energy that I have received from you all has been awesome.  Without you all, I wouldn’t have made certain decisions in my life.  I believe in myself more now than a few months ago because I have stepped out of my comfort zone and received positivity in return. 

Thank you. Though thanksgiving has passed   — thank you, one and all for being great.  


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