Motivation Monday…Holiday Season

Two sides of family.  One celebrated the holidays.  One side did not.

My holiday celebrations ended during the hardest year of my life.

Yet, the three months of holidays; October through December, are my favorite time of the year.  All the good that takes place in homes, the change in seasons, the joy that is apparent when you look at children.  I love it.

Some people say that Halloween shouldn’t be counted but to me, it is the beginning of showing your creativity — your imagination.  It works for me.

This Motivation Monday is all about the amazing Holiday Season.  Not because of my family of present, but of the family of the future.  The imagination, the joy, the excitement I still have because of it.  The ability to put me in a different mind space.

Enjoy your family and the memories.

Enjoy the smell of the holidays; whether it be of pine, peppermint, a crackling fire or hot cocoa.

Happy Holidays everyone!!



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