Grad School? Here or There?


Last week as I you know I took some time to just be by myself.  To just take some time to turn my mind off from the constant negativity that surrounded me.

In that time I thought about all of the things that I wanted to have done.  This year is coming to an end rapidly.  Next week is Thanksgiving for goodness sake.

I had accomplished a few but there are things that I still wanted to do.  I want to further my education.  There are different ways to do that.  I can go back to school and get my masters.  Seek a entry level position in the field of choice (which I am willing to do).  I can apply to a bunch of post graduate internships.  I can volunteer to assist in my field of choice.

Either of these opportunities would provide gaining knowledge and practice from those who can be considered highly respected in the area.  But there is something about going back to school.  There are three that I am definitely willing to take on all at once.

Grad school appeals to me on so many levels.  School, is my comfort.  It is something that I have been doing since I was three years old.

I began to wonder what I wanted to study.  I have two Bachelor’s do I want to pick from one of the two that I have, or study a subcategory of it to get a deeper understanding of the topic?  Where do I want to study?  What type of campus?  Or do I want it to be online?

Oh no, there is a major test that has to be taken for grad school.  Do I think I can pass it?  The schools, do any of them seem like they would accept me.  The money I will not get back if they don’t.  The great things that I’ll be able to do if they do accept me and I can study.

Communications.  That is what I recently graduated with a second bachelor’s degree.  That is what I am choosing to go into.  I am fascinated by the never ending changes in the media and how it influences society.

Where to try to study.

I live in New York, there are the schools that are considered the ultimate Columbia and NYU.  They can be awesome but if you guys haven’t noticed I am trying to get out of New York.

Do I go back to my alma mater?  That once again only leaves me in New York.

Where else could or would I be willing to go?  University of Miami.  Mizzou.  DePaul in Chicago.  Or even SDSU.

What is there for me to do?  

Grad school or nah?


Tell me your thoughts

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