My Weekend Staycation

In keeping with Monday’s taking care of yourself as motivation; I took it upon myself to treat myself to a little staycation.

I am one of those people who work to satisfy others throughout the week.  I work for a big company and we are currently spend most of my at the computer trying to complete a huge project.  I wish I could go home to a quiet space to unwind, relax and sleep peacefully. Yet, that is not the case for me.  I go home to manage a household for other adults who choose to not do for themselves.

The things that I needed to get done were just not getting done.  I was not taking care of me.  Which is most likely the reason I caught a cold and laryngitis in the matter of 24 hours — it took two weeks to get rid of.

Any who, I live in a city full of hotels because for some strange reason people love coming here.

About a month ago, I was stressed out at home and knew that I needed to get away.  But I had some big bills to handle.  Then since being sick i wasn’t able to really rest the way that I should.  I took it upon myself to look at Expedia to see if I could find any deals.  I found a great one.  It was at Four Points by Sheraton for so many reasons it was great.  The price was affordable.  So much so, I decided to stay two nights instead on one.  That worked out better because it was also close to my job.  i could be rested to get to work on Monday without the hectic commute.  Plus, it was in the awesome SoHo area of New York which has some great restaurants, shopping and close to transit if friends chose to come hang out with me.

My staycation was not about being able to go out and experience my city…sorry.  It was about taking the two days to rejuvenate myself.  I took the time to relax, read a book, write; just do things that matter to me that I cannot normally do.

It was refreshing.  I got all the negative energy out of my system.  I went to work with a happy attitude.  I was calm.  I was not worried about what did and didn’t happen in the house while I was gone.  I took care of me.  Now, I can go on and be a better me.

This led to some other ideas too.


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