Motivation Monday…Taking Care of Me

This weekend I did something I do not normally do.

I did something for myself!

How often does that happen?  During the day you spend most of the time worrying or satisfying someone else end goal.  You want to do things for yourself but by the time your day is over, you are too tired to do anything.  Then on the weekends you try but all the necessary errands need to be taken care of and then once again when you can finally do something for yourself — it’s late.

Then that one day comes when you look in the mirror.  Or you have a strong reaction to something that is completely unnecessary.  Or you realize that everyone expects you to be there for them but forgets about you when you need them.

You want to take care of others, I get it.  I understand that 100%.  That is what I live for.  But you (nor I) should allow being there for others to break you down.

You want to continue being there, you have to take care of yourself.  You like being relied on; make sure that you can rely on yourself.

Not being at your best, will show in your work.  Will show in your attitude, your mood and your appearance.

Since I have had a hard reminder of this, I have taken the time to truly take a break and take care of myself.


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