What Will I Miss

As I have always been saying I am ready to go on to something new.

And as I take the steps to get to that point it is taking a stroll down memory lane for me.

When it comes to the point that it is time to leave the city that you have called home all of your life, it can be hard.  Even if most of your memories are not the best.  There are just some things that know will never happen the same way anywhere else.

Since we are in the Fall/Autumn season let me start there.

Before we get to todays of date of November 1st, it is almost as if the city knows that it is time to change (yes, I know that is mother nature but that story is boring lol).  There is hum across the city in the night besides the car horns.  In the early morning you see the first change of leaves color.  Thought there is a slight rain, but it is beautiful.  There is always that tree that changes color completely first.  It sits by the children’s playground in Fort Green Park.  When other trees have leaves falling, these leaves seem to defeat that.  They change to a gorgeous burnt orange.  It lasts throughout the whole season.

The air over by the Promenade is crispier.  It has the smell of fall with the lights of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty standing tall as the air gets a bit colder.

Stores change their decorations.  During the Fall season it becomes back to school or college, the Halloween.  The kids, though not happy to go back to school, are excited about going shopping to get their new book bags, notebooks and accessories.

Halloween rolls around.  The kids (and adults) are now looking of ways to express their imagination through costumes.  They are so excited to be whomever they want to be.

Then it is time for the winter to hit.  The city gets a bit more quiet but more beautiful.  The city lights go up for the holidays in every borough.  People stay indoors more.  Macy’s Herald Square gives some nod to Miracle on 34th Street.  The Rockette’s shows become top selling.  The snow falls on silent night as I walk home listening to smooth R&B.  The moon is full and bright. I watch the planes flying over head I always imagine to be taking people somewhere beautiful where they are stress free.

The most important thing that I will miss is not a thing or a place.  But a group of people.  Those people would be my very small number of real friends and family.  There are things that I am going to miss but like the first day of middle of school for my cousin.  To watch her grow from a baby to now makes me tear up as it is but missing something is going to kill me because I have not missed anything in ten years.

Then again that is what planes are for.  I can come back to visit and make sure I see things.  I need to get a mileage card.  That is what I am going to miss most the kids that I am leaving behind.

Brooklyn may have been so wrong to me but there are many goods that I am taking with me.


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