Where to Next?

The plan for what is next or where to next, has begun to be in motion.  As November has begun, I am trying to pick which road to take.

At the end of this month I will have reached six months since graduating.  This means that the payments for those loans must begin.  Which is seemingly normal and one that I expected.  It just came a little faster than I expected.  These past few months I have had great opportunities to work with great companies and I will end the year on a good note.  With money in my pocket saved up to go towards moving and paying my bills.

But it is also when I noticed that all those things that I dreamed about, that I have been “planning’ for I needed to take a stronger lead in creating them.  I can do it.  And there are steps that I am taking to make sure that I make them happen.  One I finished in October.  Now it is mostly about the waiting game.  I believe, that I can do anything that I set my mind to because everything else that I have done in my life I have done alone and figured it out well enough to get me by better than I even could have expected.

I have been doing it since I was young.  And now, I need to continue more so.  My future is in my hands. Am I going to cover it up and keep dreaming about it.  Or am I going to set it free by pushing myself forward.

I think that I will go with choice B — pushing myself forward.



  1. Great post! Great thoughts. Keep pushing yourself toward your dreams. Make it happen.

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    1. Thank you!

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