I Don’t Know

These last few weeks have been busy.

There are things that I have been supposed to be doing but I have been working ten hour days during the week and no time on the weekend.  The work has been good, but it keeping me away from what will have an impact on my future for the better.  Like being able to write.

For two weeks I was sick.  I lost my voice.  I had a head cold.  Yet, I was still trying to make meetings, write post and do my day job.

It has been really hard.  But after being sick for so long I knew that I had to get myself back on track to do what I needed to be doing.  That started today.  I had to cancel my appearance at a meeting but what I did instead made it all worth it.  There is something I was working on before I got sick and I finally finished it.  I have taken a lot of steps to not just be a dreamer.

I just reached a year with this blog and there are some things that I have done that is commemorated on here.  And there are things that I have talked about that have not happened yet.

I almost feel like I shouldn’t talk about it anymore until more until I start making things happen.  Which I end up contradicting because I have always been the type of person that I don’t discuss things that are in the works because I want to make sure that they are in place before they occur.  I guess I have to figure out what I want to do right.

I don’t know.  Maybe I will have an update for you soon about what I am up to.  Maybe the speaking it into existence is what I need to do.

No Motivation Monday this week.


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