Motivation Monday…LIFE OF OTHERS

Happy Monday everyone.

Though it is later in the day for this post to be going up.  There was something that was on my mind and I wanted to find the words.

The last few posts may not have seemed like my cheery self but that does not mean that something is bothering me.

The thing is that I have been watching and hearing a lot of stories from people that I have come in contact with and they have been inspiring with me.  There are things I have not personally experienced, but I may have been just above the incident.  I have been stalked.  I have been abused.  I have been without a home of my own as well; but couch hopping.

I don’t live through the experiences of others.  I learn from what they have been through.  It could teach me a lesson about a culture.  A law.  A political stance.  A community.  Anything.  I am a learner.  And I am also someone who looks to try to make things a little easier for those around me, if I can.

The life of others is not one that I wish to have or glad I did not experience.  It is just a lesson, as I hope one day mines would be.

Look around you.  See the things that others have going on.  Let them inspiring to create or do something that no one can imitate.  Make something of your own.  Be your own force to reckon with.  Take it all on.


Tell me your thoughts

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