Do You Have To Choose? Activism or Feminism

Activism is defined as the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change.

Seems simple enough right?

Feminism is defined as the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social and economic equality to men. 

  I am trying to understand where there is a problem in either of these names.  They both are looking to create a positive change in society where there has been lack of bettering.  If we are a country based on all being free and equal, then what is wrong for the fight for it.

There can be extremist.  But there are those who are truly just looking to find a better way to improve current out of sorts situation, that things can be better for those to come in the future.  Those are the ones that I believe in.  Those that look to help make sure equality in the classroom, workplace and community are not just spoken and written but practiced are the one significant.

I believe that things that deal with the people most of the time need to be handled by the people.  There are more politics in politics, then there are in people coming together to make a compromise.

For instance – there is a law TITLE IX. That has a major contribution to (should have a major contribution) the way things are handled on colleges and university campuses and other educational institutes.  To make sure that there is no discrimination on sex in federally funding program.  To make sure it is not a hostile environment for any students.  If there are the funding may be discontinued if an institute is found out of compliance.  This is something most students do not know about while they are in school. 

I did not know about it.  What I do remember is seeing students having protest, boycotting and standing up to administrators about professors who should have not been professors.  I was one of those students.  

I feel that as a student you learn a lot about yourself.  What type of student you will be.  What type of person you will be after.  You are molding yourself in those years.  Learning to stand up for yourself in those years are a part of it.  You are doing most things necessary on your own.  In a time when you would want your guardian, parents or mentor to handle it for you – you can call them but the decision is your own.  It will impact YOU.  

Some have said that students do not truly understand what it is to be a true activist or a true feminist.  Is there a stand of a feminist?   Some believe that you cannot be a man to be a feminist.  Yet, there are.  They are fighting for the equality of women.  There are those who feel that we should be proud that we can vote, own our own businesses, or go to college.  That is not the only areas of satisfaction.  We have a livelihod outside of those things as well.  Today, we are told that we need to have a few college degrees before we can truly get a stable career with livable income.  We do that and more; why shouldn’t we expect to receive the same income, just respect in general as our male counterparts with the same background as us.  

  Standing up in a motion as a activist, does not mean that you are looking for a physical fight.  It means we are looking for a fight that will make things fair and just.  For instance those who stand up for victims who were pushed or conveyed to be the aggressor.  The person who caused the incident in question.  For instance, Erica Kinsman, the accusing rape victim of former FSU football quarterback Jameis Winston (who become #1 draft pick, who now plays for the Tampa Bay Bucs).  Instead of taking her accusation seriously, she was attacked by those whom she suspected to support her.  So much so that she ended up withdrawing from the college completely.  

Now she is seeking political and social change for situations such as this at the school by filing a TITLE IX complaint. 

  As a child you are told to make sure you always stand up for yourself.  You grow up knowing what they are going to use against you. You’re a non-athletic male, you’re a female, you are a minority, you come from a low income family; the list is too long to describe.  Now, you are an adult and it becomes harderto defend yourself. It’s not your fault but it is your fault.  That’s the feeling you are given.

Wouldn’t you want change in any of these situations?  Or would you like to sit back silently?  

Like I said I find no problem with the words.  Do you?  Enlighten me. 



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