Motivation Monday…RE-IGNITED


Its Monday people.

New week.  New opportunities.  New motivation.  Well, maybe not new.  But in fact just an opportunity to add an extra motivation for life.

Last week, I was motivated by a few documentaries and seeing real life in front of me.  I called that  my activist side.  The side that wanted to fight for change.  And since I was ill, I did not get the chance to show that to you.  This week will be about both.

This week is about having a fire put under my ass.  Yup, I said a fire put under my ass.  I was sick but purchased a ticket to an event over a week ago that I had to attend.  I was glad that I went.  I will tell you how it has ignited something in me that I had stopped doing because of my current crazy work scheduled.  I have been trying to work on my own thing for months.  My concentration was lost.  I need to get it back.  My brain has been going like crazy since that night.

You can make that ignite in any meaning.  Starting a car.  Burning a new fire.  Increasing power.  However you choose to metaphor it. I’m on it.


Tell me your thoughts

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