“Life’s Not Fair”

It’s a saying thats many people (including) myself have heard as a youngin’; especially when we would state “That’s not fair”.  But why does a group of people as a whole have to feel that “life is not fair”. 

When one bad apple does something, we all have to suffer for it.  This morning a male family member of mines was pulled over.  The officer he was getting ticket for not wearing a seat belt.  Yet, he and his child (who was in the backseat) were both wearing seat belts.  

Now, he has a ticket to fight.  Just because all cops are on the look out for two suspects whom they have no description.  

A friend recently bought a vehicle for himself (lucky) and not even having the car two days, he is pulled over and questioned for his temporary tags.  He explains the purchase with his proof and license.  He did not get ticketed or warned. But the officers began to question him about happenings in the surrounding area.  He explained that he had no idea what they were talking and excused himself from the conversation.

When did it become that we all know everything that one another is doing?  So much so that we must be questioned about it.

When did it become so that when one commits a crime, we all commit the crime and must be punished?

No man should have to explain to his child that this does not happen to all men because not all men make bad choices.  Now you have to explain that it does happen to all men because they are all considered a suspect until otherwise.  

We all want hope for the future but the past keeps repeating itself.  Reminding us of how far we may have come, but yet how much farther we have to go.

Til that time, the saying will just have to have meaning – a sad one. 

We are not one “thing”, do not treat us as such!




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