New Yorkers: Mean or Irritated


As a born and raised New Yorker; deeply Brooklyn, very often I hear people make the comment that we are all mean that’s why we all wear black.

Credit to Humans of New York.

Credit to Humans of New York.

Credit to Humans of New York

Credit to Humans of New York

Credit to Humans of New York

Credit to Humans of New York

First, I would like to say — we don’t wear black all the time. Most of wear color; we are all about people being themselves, expressing their individuality. Your fashion evolves as you do.  The many that do wear a lot of black it is because it intertwines with the industry that they work in.  Yes, there are many industries like theatre, beauty, production, fashion and more.  Even those whom wear black they aren;t just wearing “black”.  The style of their clothing.  The fabric.  The embellishment.  The accessories.  Especially, the shoes.  There is always a way to wake it up and show your personality a bit even if it there is a formal way of dress for where you work.  So, no, we are not wearing black because we are angry.  It is always fashionable to be in all black, anyway. LoL


Secondly, yeah I have an attitude on the train.  That doesn’t make me mean.  Have you scene how crowded the trains are. And I am sure that the next stop it is going to get worst.  There are are 8.5 million people in this city.  And I am sure that does not include everyone. There are people moving in and out of this city every minute of everyday.  There is a child born every second.  Even right now as you read this.  I am crowded.  I am trying to get off of the train and no one will move for two reasons — they are trying to read their paper, book, they won’t move or they truly can’t move.  Trust me.  I have been one of those who actually cannot move.  It is to the point that if I can walk to my destination, no matter what it could do to my ankle I will walk it.  Let’s make this clear.  It is not about you personally.  It is about the dissatisfaction with MTA and their inability to get their act together.  It is getting worst.


Thirdly — this will be easy.  You move so fast.  Ugh, 8.5 million people in one city.  I can’t stand still.  The person next to me and behind has to get somewhere too.  I have to keep moving.  It can definitely be a ripple effect.  Not a good one either.


Us, New Yorkers, are just as just as sweet, kind and helpful as any visitor.  It is just that we live here and though you are lost; I am late for work because the train got stuck in the tunnel for fifteen minutes and I have a presentation that starts in five.  Get to know us New Yorkers.  You’ll see that it isn’t the city to be just because of the lights and the possibilities.  The people are pretty awesome — with a case of irritability.

enhanced-buzz-32485-1376430788-23 Latino-immigrants-helping-the-homeless-in-NYC-photo-Ed-Yourdon-Adam-Lederer



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