Motivation Monday…Blogging Basics

Coming up on my one year anniversary with WordPress is kind of surreal.

I looked at where I was when I started, the first semester of my senior year for my second degree in Communications.  I had the aching to write and needed an outlet.  I had found my love for blogging the previous year in my Mass Communications course and enjoyed every minute of it.

My posts went up as frequently as I could think of something to put up.  Then things changed.  I started to change how I posted.  I wanted to make sure that I posted so I made sure that I pre-wrote things to make sure that it went with a theme.  Mostly, because I had a lot of ideas and wanted to make sure that I got them all down and ready to share.  But also because my schedule got a little crazy and I wanted to make sure I wrote.

All of my posts have come from the heart.  But I want to get back to my basics in writing.  Regardless, if it goes up at a certain time.  If it is all cohesive at the end of the week.  Or if it is fitting for the way that others right.  I want to be real.

Just like a regular mother there may be a set schedule, but that doesn’t mean that everyday is the same.

This week was supposed to be about one theme, but I will save it.  This week up to my blogiversary will be about whatever come to mind.  Have a great awesome week people!!



  1. Hi there! I love your blog. Can you please check out mine too? Hope you’ll like it! Thanks!


    1. no problem. thank you so much for the love. i really do appreciate it!

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